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BeHalma 1.0rc3/2 

Freeware Chinese Checkers for Be OS, made by Jens Tinz & Rüdiger Klaehn in 2000. "It ships with a really tough computer player (at least that's what we hope)".

  - BeHalma.pkg (158 kb)

cheech icon
Cheech 0.8

Portable, multiplayer, networked Chinese Checkers game. Play with up to 5 other players over the network or computer players.

Includes a simple webserver. Runs on GNU/Linix, Windows and OS X.

Made in 2005-2006. Author: Ben Levitt. Source code available.

download - (9,9 mb)



Freeware for windows, made with GLUT and requires OpenGL, made in 2002. Author: Spencer T. Parkins.

Source code available. Seems you have to compile it yourself. Stephens Programming Page (dead 03.10.2004)

download - (22 kb)


Chinese Checkers

Freeware ms-dos game from 1998 by Glenn Reid. Play against the pc - AI intelligence. SVGA and VGA versions. Homepage. Req.: MS-DOS, Win31 and Win95. Be prepared to use some time / tweaks to make it run (picky about video cards and it requires a DPMI server). 

Comment: Never manage to get it to work (win98se); but the graphics looks dull. - 157 kb - 157 kb


Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers - freeware (GPL) x11/Linux game by Jon Atkins ('Long Island Man').


 "..made for play and competition in the area of AI programming. Players may be developed and made into plugins for the game engine."


sdlCC-0.0.0.tar.gz - sdlCC-0.0.0.tar.gz- (1 mb)

Chinese Checkers (Novel Games)

Standard Chinese Checkers game. Author: Novel Games

Req.: Adobe Air and internet connection. Play in window or full screen. Horribly annoying sound and music.

Novel-CC.exe - Novel-CC.exe (262 kb)

Chinese Checkers 0.66

Freeware game for OS/2 by Miltiadis Mitrakas (1996). Play against human or computer opponents. 

Req.: OS/2 Warp 3 with DIVE or later.

There is also a later Java application and a Java applet available (see the Online section). - (172 kb)


Chinese Checkers Beta

Freeware game from Hardcoders still in beta phase (since 2002...). Play against the computer or 5 other humans. The online network multiplayer feature is still in Beta (you must register and player through HSNet). Req.: Windows. - 450 kb

Comments: Slow and buggy at the moment.


Chinese Checkers for MSN Messenger 6 & 7

Custom made Chinese Checkers game for MSN Messenger 6 & 7. Play games in addition to chat with your friends. Author: Catt. For more information and downloads: MSN Custom Games


There is also supposed to be a Chinese Checkers game for the MSN Messenger by the Korean company NCSoft (where???)


Chinese Checkers for Windows 95 & NT 1.1

Abandonware, made by Gilles Khouzam, Canada (1995). Undo, sound, 2-6 players against computer or humans, also network play. Works in Win 98 SE also (and ?). - (103 kb).

Comment: Old, teensy, ugly (the marbles look like dots...) 


Chinese Checkers


Made by 'Fastgraph boy' (Philip Senn) in 2000. Req.: VB5 or VB6. Also requires the run time edition of FastGraph (a graphics library). Described as: "...the seedling of a Chinese checkers doesn't have AI - the computer doesn't take a turn... [The source code] it's not too complicated." - (source code - 15 kb) - Run time edition of Fastgraph (6,2 mb)

Chinese Checkers

Formerly commercial msdos game by ImagiSOFT, now released as freeware. Background music, hint, up to six players. Req.: MS-DOS / Windows with 640K RAM (min. 537K of free conventional memory). Password: "Master"
Comments: Old (1991) and it's showing, but it still has it's own charm...

cc-r.exe - cc-r.exe (527 kb) - old demo (310 kb) v.2.3

Les dames chinoises

Old MS-DOS gamefrom 1999. Written in Turbo Pascal. French language.

Unknown author. - (34 kb)

Epic Hoppers

Abandonware made by Epic Megagames (designed by Twisted Pine Software) in 1995 and released in the 'Brainiacs' series. Hoppity (see history page) / Halma game.

From the review at HOTU: "...offer excellent play value. ..boast multiple difficulty levels, hint and undo options, and nice graphics. - (1,2 mb)


Etoile 2.0

Freeware game from 1994 by Michiko Osakabe. "Play Chinese Checkers against two computer opponents or against 1 or 2 others on an AppleTalk network." Sys. req.:  Sys 7.0 or above (Mac).

etoile-20.hqx - etoile-20.hqx (318 kb)


Gnome Chinese Checkers 1.9.0

Network freeware (GPL) game by Loban A. Rahman (2003) for the Gnome Desktop Environment (Linux).

A network implementation who includes a server that can support up to 6 players, all of whom connect from their own clients. Also an integrated chat window, automatic player rotation, computer bots. SourceForge Project.

gchch-1.9.0-1loban.i586.rpm - gchch-1.9.0-1loban.i586.rpm (565 kb)


Halma - Preview Edition 1.0

A freeware version by Jaroslav Volzik (2001) who includes both an Halma version (screenshot) for 2-4 people and a Chinese Checkers version for 3 people. There is no computer opponent. 

Installation and game in Checz only (but that's no trouble). Req.: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0,  2000.

halmar10cz.exe - halmar10cz.exe (229 kb)

Comments: Promising future; but needs English version and better graphics.


Halma 1.0

Freeware network game made in 2000 by  Max99kbgames (homepage gone 01.01.2006). 


2 player internet game, needs TCP/IP. 8x8 board. 

Req.: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP. 

halma_max99.exe - halma_max99.exe (50 kb)


Halma 1.2

Freeware Halma game by Mark Pilgrim. Made in 1994. For Macintosh (Classic). Colour & B/W. System 4.1+. Try to move nine tiles from one corner of the board to the other. 21 unique boards. Source code available.

halma-12.hqx - halma-12.hqx (105 kb)


Halma Star III

Freeware add-on to the commercial 'Zillions of Games' (see trialware section). 

Despite the name, it's Chinese Checkers. 3 variants. Made by Karl Scherer - (134 kb) or homepage


Infinite Play beta 0.972

Game engine with 4 games (Awele, Draughts, Chinese Checkers, 5coulours). 2-6 players in the CC game. Play against the computer (AI with several levels) by e-mail, or multiplayer by network. Hall of fame, save, load, and undo. Req.: Windows. Askywhale

infiniteplay.exe - infiniteplay.exe - 5,2 mb


Freeware Chinese Checkers for Windows 98 and up. Play agianst 5 other people or the computer.

Author: Thomas Czorny (2004). Deutsch langauage. - (3, 6 mb)



Freeware Chinese Checkers made in 1993 for Mac OS X. Made in 'Cocoa'. You must extract the source code and build the game yourself. Author: Andrew Choi

marblesX.tgz - marblesX.tgz (27 kb).


Mini Kina 1.0

Freeware by Karl (Kalle) Runmo, made in 1997. 2 player version (against the computer or another human). Works in Windows 98+ (but not XP?). Early version of the 'MiniChina' in his shareware collection 'Carl's Classics'. Note: röd = red and blå = blue. 
Comments: Good for a quickie! - (60 kb)


NetChineseCheckers 1.0

Freeware network version made by A.V. Maheswara Rao (2002). 8x8 and 10x10 versions. It's a non intelligent network game and can be played over LAN, intranet using TCP/IP. Save history, undo, redo, instant message, hiding and promoting a piece options. - (192 kb)

BTW: The website calls the game 'NetChineseCheckers, but in the game it's called only 'NetCheckers'.


Party Games

Freeware java applet (1998) by Håkan T. Johansson (Sweden). Plays Noughts & Crosses and Chinese Checkers. For instructions, visit Håkan T. Johanssons's homepage - (61 kb) 


Project Trilma.NET 0.0.3

windows icon pocket pc icon

Freeware made by 'Torq' (Wiktor Zychla - 2005). 

2-6 (each player can be set as: human, computer, none), board and pieces are drawn directly with graphical routines of .NET Framework, background rendered with POV-Ray, developed with SharpDevelop 0.94.

Req.: Microsoft .NET Framework - (61 kb) binary and source - 21 kb - Pocket Trilma.NET (pocket pc version)


QHalma 0.3

Freeware (GPL) made by Artur Merke (2003) for Linux (req.: g++ 3.2 and QT3). No AI opponent - includes Halma 16x16 / Chinese Checkers / other boards. 

The GUI part in 'halma_window.*' is based on code from 'xhalma' 0.4 (see below), but behind the front end everything was developed from scratch.

qhalma-0.3.tgz - qhalma-0.3.tgz (40 kb)


Salta 2.0

Salta is a variant of the Halma game. For information see the 'Variations' page. According to Ralf Gering the rules are implemented wrong in this game. 

Freeware add-on to the commercial 'Zillions of Games' (see trialware section). Made by Karl Scherer. - (29 kb)

Silke Halma 1.04

2-player Chinese Checkers for Windows. Made by german company Silkesoft

Features: 8 levels, unlimed undo/ redo, open/ save games, in english and german.

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. And the .net Framework. - (333 kb)


Superultimate Chinese Checkers icon
Superultimate Chinese Checkers 1.13

An excellent Chinese Checkers game from 2 up to 6 players. Very good graphics and smooth animation. Four levels of AI strenght, Classic style and Hong Kong style (long jumps allowed), 10 and 15 marbles versions, statistics, hints, show last move, unlimited undo and redo, save and load games, AI speech, sound effects, very good customizations of marbles and boards. 

Author: Superultimate Software (Harlan) (2005).

Req: Sun Java 1.4.2 or higher. Originally shareware, turned freeware in 2006. Homepage dead.

download Superultimate_Chinese_Checkers_windows_1_13.exe - Windows (6 mb) download Superultimate_Chinese_Checkers_macos_1_13.dmg - Mac OS X 5, 7 mb

click here for a larger picture


click on the image above for a larger screenshot

YACC (Yet Another Chinese Checkers) - The game

Java game developed in 2001 by five Swedish students. 2, 4, or 6 players. Local or network game (client-server).

Req.: Java 1.3 / TCP/IP compliant network.

Homepage (dead 22.07.2004)

- yacc-the_game.tar.gz (72 kb, code)


xhalma 0.4 (beta 4)

Freeware (GPL) Halma game by Christoph Groth (2000) for X11/Posix. Uses Qt toolkit. Play against the computer or another human opponent. 

Christoph Groth's homepage, SourceForges Project page, xhalma web page

xhalma-0.4.tar.gz - xhalma-0.4.tar.gz (21 kb)


X.T. Checkers


Very good freeware Chinese Checkers game.

Two modes: Standard 2D and 'Alien Enhanced Mode' (3D - a 3-dimensional field).  

Combine regular checkers moves (move and jump) and the need for speed - it's a race to see who can get his Alien pieces across the board first! 

Play a 1-player game against one or up to five computer opponents, or play a "Multiplayer Hot-Seat" game (you and your human opponent(s) take turns moving your pieces). 

Fun animations and sound. Piece tracker, hint, change animation speed. Camera control (essential in three dimensions...). 

Hexagon tiles. Controls: mouse 

Author: David Carraher. Req.: Windows

Very good help file. - (4 mb).

Alternative download sites: Caiman & DarkBasic 


See also Mats Winthers site for some more Halma variants who can be played in the Zillions of Games game: Halma variants, BattleHalma, HopQuad  - (download)



Freeware ? Hack of commercial game ?     

Chinese Checkers - network / internet game for 2,3,4 or 6 player. Source code (347 kb) available. The play now links dead. Graphics similar to ImagiSOFT's commercial Chinese Checkers game (hack and rip-off, or perhaps the code ImagiSOFTs game is built on?)

Homepage dead 01.01.2006. (347 kb)


Elimination III

Freeware game by Justin Hoffman (2000). Not Chinese Checkers, but the game and the twists makes it so good, I'll list it anyway.... 

Eliminate each other by jumping over opponents' marbles, whenever a marble is removed from the board by an opponent, an 'F' is placed in its spot. Any player who lands on the 'F' will get a new marble. But beware of the invisible sink holes... 2-4 players, network, MIDI sound, tournaments game. 

Req.: Win., DirextX. - (271 kb)


There is no comments on games for OS/2, Linux, Mac and handholds. I simply don't have any of these os's or the hardware...

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