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A guide to the board game Chinese Checkers (and it's ancestor Halma) with rules, history and a list of computer games

The Chinese Checkers game board is in the shape of a six pointed star and is playable with two up to six people at the same time. Each player uses pegs or markers of a different color placed within one of the points of the star. The object is to move all your ten pegs across the board (move one step at the time or jump over adjacent pegs) to occupy the star point directly opposite. The player getting all pegs across first wins.

Chinese Checkers was invented in Germany in (1892) and it's an descendant from the game of Halma (1883). Chinese Checkers is not from China and it has nothing to do with the game Checkers.... It is neither related to the peg game 'Marble Solitaire' or 'Peg Solitaire'; who sometimes wrongly is called Chinese Checkers. 

This site lists 11 online, 31 freeware / abandonware and 22 trialware / retail Chinese Checkers / Halma computer games

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